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Home Measuring Instrument

Veriner Caliper 0 TO 1000mm
Dail Vernier 0 TO 500mm
Outside Micro Meters 0 TO 300mm
Inside Micrometer 0 to 100mm
Bore Gauge 10 TO 200mm
Height Gauge 0 TO 300mm
Surface Plate 1 meter

Our Quality

There are employees specially trained for quality control. Their responsibilities include Hourly line inspection, incoming quality inspection (raw materials, vendor parts) and finished product inspection.

Our Quality Policy

Our Organisation delights customer by supply of quality products at optimum cost and on time trough continual improvements and reviewing the effectiveness of quality management system, quality policy and quality objectives.

Quality Foundation

PNK strongly believes in concept of producing components fault free. PNK maintains “0” PPM defect levels to its all valuable Clients .

Inspection Equipment Work Instructions for every process.
Dial gauges. Quality Alert (based on customer feedback).
Digital vernier caliper. Extensive data Collection for Productivity, Tool Life Monitoring, Defect analysis.
Digital micrometer. Operator Self Inspection and Final Inspection.
Profile Projectors Statistical process controls are employed extensively on the shop floor
Air Bore Gauge  
Go/No Go gauges  
Magnified Lenses  
Special Gauges (as required)  

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